Simple Social Pro v10.6.1 APK – Integrated Messenger

The Simple Social Pro app is excellent for those who have little space in the memory of the device, or do not have that latest generation device, because in addition to it is small, consumes little memory, and still uses few resources of your device, thus making performance improve. This is the new version of the app that was once called “Simple for Facebook Pro”. You can download Simple Pro apk for free on the download button!

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The positives in this app are great, because in addition to being light, fast and consume very little, still comes with the integrated Messenger, the famous Facebook Messenger, or Facebook chat, as you see best. Aaah, I almost forgot, on the other hand, it still saves your battery!

With Simple Social Pro, you will completely replace Facebook and Facebook Messenger, and with that, it will free up a large space in the memory, the internet and the battery of your device. Because I do not know if you already know, but Facebook is one of the applications that consume the most battery, internet and space in memory, and for this reason, that third-party developers, develop these alternatives to Facebook, all in order to do the best for you, and we help sharing.

This app is also ideal for those who hate the fact that having to switch between Facebook and Facebook Messenger, which before, were one, now made in two, and many people did not like this separation, and in addition, Facebook still kinda “forces” you to use Facebook Messenger, since you have no other alternative to answer that message of the friend (a). And Simple Social Pro, it’s here to change that. Check out the resources below!

Our opinion about Simple Social Pro

Without a doubt, this is one of the best apps to replace the official Facebook app, because in addition to it being simple, ad-free and fast, it still comes with Facebook Messenger installed, with this, will make your life much easier!

The main features of Simple Social Pro

  • Take
  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • No ads
  • Various colorful themes
  • With Facebook Messenger now integrated (Facebook Chat)
  • With Simple Social Pro you’ll be able to block sponsored ads and messages.

What’s new in Simple Social Pro

  • Changed: changed how photos/videos are uploaded.
  • New: New/updated video player colored by your choice of theme color.
  • New: Plays videos in the background or while the screen is off.
  • New: Smarter … smart pins with profile pictures for conversations.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue with Message Bubbles (more stability to come).
  • Other fixes and improvements.

Need to report a problem? Do this through the app: App Settings> About.


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