Minecraft PE Beta v1.16.200.57 – Download APK Mod

Minecraft PE Beta (Pocket Edition) includes randomly generated worlds, multi-player on a local Wi-Fi network and Survival and Creative modes. You can create with your friends anywhere in the world as long as you have spare hand and battery to use. Explore giant multiplayer servers directly from the game menu, and play with friends on any device. Here on our website you can download Minecraft Beta apk mod for free.

Explore randomly generated worlds and build from the simplest houses to the largest castles in Minecraft PE Beta. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources, or mine the depths of the world in survival mode, creating weapons and armor to defend yourself from monsters.

If you are a creative person, if you are able to fulfill your fantasies in the form of arranging your own worlds, and love spending time on truly exciting games, then you just need to download the Minecraft PE Beta apk.

The most favorite players – this is a survival mode where you need to get all kinds of resources found in the open spaces of your world, from which, as mentioned earlier, it is possible to build and produce more sophisticated elements. Also in this mode, at night, there and its enemies – the monsters, spiders, skeletons and, of course, Creeper. And if you didn’t have time to build up weapons, then a way out – to build a shelter.

The Better Together update has arrived, and added iconic Creepers, they are big, green, significant and explosive. But it’s just one of many. A lot of new features have been added. See below the list that is quite large;

Minecraft PE Beta:

  • Food! Now you can cook when you’re hungry
  • Swords! Arches! Tnt!
  • Safes
  • Skeletons
  • Spiders
  • Beds
  • Paintings
  • Much more!
  • But enough sales talks! Download now! And have fun!

What’s new in this version of Minecraft PE Beta

What’s new in version 1.16:
Fixed several errors
Pandas are now summoned in the jungles, where they roll, relax and rest.
Visit a village to befriend curious stalking cats, who can be amazing pets and can also scare the fearsome Ghosts.
Collect the new bamboo to create scaffolding (build things now got faster, safer and simpler) or use it to feed the greedy pandas.

Check out the MOD versions available from Minecraft PE Beta

Mod 1 info:

  • Patched license.
  • Telemetry Disabled.

Mod 2 info:

  • Patched license.
  • Telemetry Disabled.
  • Unlocked Paid Skins.
  • Unlocked Paid Texture Packs.

Mod 3 info:

  • Patched license.
  • Telemetry Disabled.
  • Unlocked Paid Skins.
  • Unlocked Paid Texture Packs.
  • God Mode (Unlimited Health, Invulnerability).
  • Indestructible Tools.
  • 1 blow for killing with weapons.


Minecraft PE Beta currently costs $10 in the Play Store, but here you can download for free!


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